About Us


AlsoEnergy was founded in 2007 to provide software-as-a-service monitoring solutions for the energy market, with a focus on solar PV. It is our mission to enable the adoption of clean energy technologies by providing end-to-end turnkey solutions that monitor and manage renewable energy systems.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction and service has set us apart as leaders in our field; we are ranked by GTM Research as the top-selling independent solar monitoring provider in North America (and the fifth largest worldwide). We have earned a terrific base of loyal customers, including top-tier banks and national contractors, developers, and EPCs. At AlsoEnergy, we’re accountable for our products and services, your experience, and our shared commitment of always striving for the absolute best.

We work with every customer to design and put in place a monitoring solution tailored to individual needs. This business model, combined with our diverse product options, make us the most flexible monitoring provider in the industry. Simply put, we integrate with your project requirements.

Our flexibility is a good thing for project planners, giving maximum freedom to work with diverse specs from one job to another. This is also a benefit for asset managers and contractors, enabling oversight for a diverse project portfolio in a single software interface. We save you time and money with a range of intuitive software features and helpful services including performance modeling, agency reporting, internal reports, work order tickets, SCADA controls, and much, much more.

Where We Do Business


AlsoEnergy monitors 6 GW of energy at more than 17,000 independent sites worldwide. Our primary market is North America, with a growing presence in SE Asia and the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Northern Africa).

Our project portfolio includes PV projects of all sizes and descriptions, from fleet residential to utility-scale installations with SCADA controls. No other monitoring provider can match our ability to accommodate a varied portfolio of PV projects in one software interface.

Our Mission

We have created powerful and versatile PV monitoring solutions to meet a wide range of customer needs in the marketplace. To meet this vast range of customer needs requires tremendous versatility and deep rooted expertise.  In order to find the best solution for each project and every customer, we have developed top-tier customer service and support, including system planning, training, resources, and support.

These are our promises to you:

  • We Increase Your Yield
    Most solar industry professionals will confirm that monitored systems produce more power. Our powerful technology enables informed decision-making with highly accurate and actionable insights into your portfolio performance. There is no better way to safeguard your solar power investments.
  • We Lower Your Operational Costs
    Our comprehensive software toolkit includes many features to reduce the time your O&M provider spends managing your system, saving you money. We also offer financial analytics to record costs associated with service, downtime, and performance issues. This will enable you to consider cost factors in your decision making process as you manage your system and your full portfolio.
  • We Save You Time and Money
    Our products and services combine expertise in solar technology with constant attention for the business concerns of our clients. That’s why we offer the industry’s most comprehensive software toolkit to meet daily workplace needs, including specialized workflow tools, portfolio oversight, automated alerts and reports, financial analysis, and much more.
  • We Give You Maximum Flexibility in Project Planning
    We understand the wide range of demands from one job to another, and we are here to integrate with your project needs. We accommodate a wide range of custom deployments such as SCADA requirements and integration with third party software and databases. And, of course, we offer compatibility with an industry-leading range of hardware devices.
  • We Make it Easy to Manage Your Full Portfolio
    For asset managers and contractors, we provide the supreme benefit of accommodating a diversified project portfolio in a single software interface. No other monitoring provider can match our ability to aggregate data from a varied range of projects.
  • We Grow with an Evolving Market
    We listen to our customers; your feedback helps us meet evolving marketplace demands. We will continue to relentlessly innovate our product line with new software features, more options and compatibility, and more customer services.
  • We Never Leave You Hanging
    Above all else, we pledge to continue the uncompromising commitment to responsive customer service and expert technical support that has been the cornerstone of our success.

Company Highlights

AlsoEnergy was founded in 2007 by Robert Schaefer and Holden Caine, both with a background in hardware and software integration, who felt there was a need to build real-time software solutions that integrate renewable energy system performance data with financial management.

In 2009, AlsoEnergy introduced PowerTrack™, a cloud-based software platform for monitoring renewable energy system performance. The software is quickly hailed as the most flexible and affordable solar power monitoring software.

October 2013:  AlsoEnergy acquires DECK Monitoring, becoming the largest independent PV monitoring provider in North America. AlsoEnergy now offers 2 industry-leading software products, helping us find the perfect fit for all your portfolio management needs.

AlsoEnergy monitors over 17,000 solar power project sites across the U.S., the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

AlsoEnergy’s software is now accessible in five languages and also through iPhone, iPad, and Droid applications.