About Us

AlsoEnergy provides technology solutions for energy production assets, with a focus on solar PV. Our catalog of solutions ranges from standardized DAS systems up to custom designed SCADA systems and CAISO-compliant RIG solutions. Product packages from AlsoEnergy pair hardware and professional services with AlsoEnergy’s leading software platform PowerTrack to create end-to-end solutions that are easy to install and use.

AlsoEnergy has extensive experience with solar power projects ranging from small commercial to utility scale. This expertise helps our clients mitigate project risk and reduce time to market. Our clients also save money with integrated technology solutions and a single source provider for support and field work.

Every solution package from AlsoEnergy includes access to PowerTrack software. PowerTrack serves two core missions for industry professionals:  industry-leading performance oversight for solar PV, plus extensive asset management features to reduce administrative workload. PowerTrack helps our clients increase yield, reduce costs, and save time and money.

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Market Leadership

AlsoEnergy monitors 6 GW of solar PV production at more than 20,000 independent sites worldwide. GreenTech Media ranks AlsoEnergy as the #1 Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for solar monitoring in the US commercial market for the 4th straight year. AlsoEnergy now serves international markets with regional representatives for sales and support. Please contact AlsoEnergy for more information about our partners in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA Region) as well as Southeast Asia.

Our Mission

At AlsoEnergy, it is our mission to enable the adoption of clean energy technologies by providing end-to-end technology solutions that help industry professionals manage generation assets. We are committed to providing a range of flexible options to cover a wide spectrum of client needs. As always, our products and services are backed up by industry-leading support resources.

These are our promises to you:

  • We Increase Your Yield
  • We Lower Your Operational Costs
  • We Save You Time and Money
  • We Give You Maximum Flexibility in Project Planning
  • We Make it Easy to Manage Your Full Portfolio
  • We Grow with an Evolving Market
  • We Never Leave You Hanging

Company Milestones

AlsoEnergy was founded in 2007 by Robert Schaefer and Holden Caine, both with a background in hardware and software integration, who felt there was a need to build real-time software solutions that integrate renewable energy system performance data with financial management.

In 2009, AlsoEnergy introduced PowerTrack™, a cloud-based software platform for monitoring renewable energy system performance. The software is quickly hailed as the most flexible and affordable solar power monitoring software.

October 2013:  AlsoEnergy acquires DECK Monitoring, becoming the largest independent PV monitoring provider in North America. AlsoEnergy now offers 2 industry-leading software products, helping us find the perfect fit for all your portfolio management needs.

AlsoEnergy monitors over 17,000 solar power project sites across the U.S., the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

AlsoEnergy’s software is now accessible in five languages and also through iPhone, iPad, and Droid applications.