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Borrego Solar currently uses AlsoEnergy’s monitoring hardware and software to manage performance of 109 MW worth of our O&M portfolio. AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack technology has helped consolidate our data and administrative tasks, enabling us to improve efficiency in responding to system issues, streamline our reporting and quickly bring our growing O&M portfolio into the fold. Part of our success in O&M, and why we’ve operated at a 104 percent of modeled production and 99 percent uptime over the past five years, is due to utilizing the most advanced solutions on the market.”

Gary Buchanan
Performance Manager
Borrego Solar

AlsoEnergy’s Powertrack platform has allowed ConEdison Solutions to gain crucial insight into asset health and to optimize our nationwide fleet of solar plants.

Steve Ondishin
Manager, Renewable Assets & Project Development
ConEdison Solutions

Peace of mind is very important regarding ongoing solar production reporting.  I need a system I can rely on; AlsoEnergy was the easy choice.  With a great price, impeccable service, and professionalism I can count on I know we made a great choice.

Eric Hinckley
Chief Technology Officer
AES Distributed Energy, The AES Corporation

AlsoEnergy is the market leader for utility-scale solar monitoring. Their professional platform creates a data-rich environment for sites from 2MW beyond. The solution’s flexibility makes it easy to integrate, while the data visualization tools make it easy for owners to verify proper system operation.

Allan Evora
Affinity Energy

AlsoEnergy has the software to take the solar power market beyond the limits of the hardware, and has the right management team – a development and engineering hybrid that brilliantly combines imaging, electronics and data. This team is solving problems, bringing products to market, and working effectively every day in a commercial environment with sophisticated public, private and financial partners.

Jim Harre
North American Sales Director
Delta Energy Systems

AlsoEnergy has made it possible for us to monitor our solar systems installed on schools, and respond quickly to outages and performance issues. However, the greatest asset at AlsoEnergy are the employees, who are always willing to help and consistently go above and beyond our expectations.

Jimi Diaz
Electrical Engineer, Resource Management
Arizona Public Service

AlsoEnergy not only helped us handle the migration, they essentially created an asset management platform for us. I know AlsoEnergy put a lot of work into setting up the reporting process, invoices, and approvals; the whole system was impressive and was a huge step forward for our team.

Philip Williams
Director of Asset Management
Ahana Renewables

We don’t usually work with energy monitoring software because we need a high degree of customization within the data sets for us to use the information effectively, but AlsoEnergy offered the level of customization that we needed [for the NREL Snowload Study.]

Bill Marion
Principal Scientist of PV Modules and Systems
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Customer service from AlsoEnergy is phenomenal. And I don’t think they do that just because we’re the #1 privately held electrical contractor in the US.

Don Dixon
Senior Project Manager
Rosendin Electric

I have been very impressed with the customer service and assistance that we have received during the ASI projects. I am also very impressed with the PowerTrack platform and all of the features, although I am only scratching the surface.

Neil Erickson
Solar Construction Specialist
United Renewable Energy, LLC

Nexamp owns, operates and maintains a fleet of over 100 sites in the Northeast. We look to AlsoEnergy for reliable hardware, fast communications from the field to data center to our network operations center, and solid technical support. Timely and proper commissioning helps us to bring sites online and producing immediately because the AlsoEnergy hardware package arrives configured and ready to go. With AlsoEnergy I can be confident that the product suite will continue to meet our needs and the needs of our customers.

Brad Zollner
Energy Monitoring Systems Manager

Deck Monitoring has been a critical partner for SoCore Energy since our early entry into the commercial solar market. With an industry-leading, cloud-based monitoring solution, as well as customer-facing tools like the Solar Kiosk, Deck Monitoring proved to be critical for starting up and operating SoCore’s sites. The recent transformation of Deck Monitoring into Also Energy was a seamless transition that improved monitoring tools like Energy Tracker, and demonstrated a commitment to developing tools the solar market needs.

Paul Happy
VP Operations Performance and Diagnostics
SoCore Energy

That is AWESOME. Tell Holden I’m really excited. It was their willingness to work to create something like this that made me want to work with them. I’m really psyched on the custom graph. It is exactly the tool I need to be able to detect performance problems, like the guy with the Fronius which is working with one inverter down. I really like the feature that I can scroll over the customer and see their graph against the backdrop of the others.

Kevin Koch

Technicians for Sustainability