PV Monitoring

The heart of every AlsoEnergy pv monitoring solution is our proprietary software. Our solar monitoring software gives you a comprehensive toolkit of features to help you manage your PV project portfolio. Use these tools to evaluate performance, administer O&M tasks, and remotely manage your complete portfolio.

We know that every PV system is different, and every client has unique demands for their monitoring system. That’s why we offer a wide range of software options. PowerTrack offers a more comprehensive toolkit and more powerful analytics, and is available in a variety of formats (see the full range of PowerTrack products here). DECK Monitoring offers streamlined functionality with maximized ease-of-use.

PowerTrack vs DECK Monitoring

Both PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring include a broad feature set for PV monitoring and portfolio management:

  • Revenue-grade production values, certified for virtually all agency reporting needs
  • Ability to see production values and status indicators for a full portfolio of systems
  • Ability compare actual production against benchmark values adjusted for available irradiance, both for individual systems and for full portfolio
  • Ability to chart data from multiple systems for comparative analytics
  • Automated alerts for device status and system performance
  • Download data and generate custom reports for one system or a set of systems
  • Highly accurate performance modeling:  PowerTrack can account for more factors to create a highly accurate performance model, including shading models, panel tilt and azimuth, seasonal variations, and much more.
  • Workflow Feature Suite:  PowerTrack offers an optional Workflow Suite to help you organize scheduled tasks and understand maintenance costs and production losses. The Workflow Suite includes a job order ticketing system along with ability to log itemized costs and lost revenues associated with maintenance and production impact events.
  • Personalized string and zone maps for your array
  • Rate Sheet Calculations:  PowerTrack supports time-of-use rate schedules in financial analytics and for optional invoicing and billing tool.
  • PowerTrack is designed to scale well for clients with extensive portfolio assets.
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices
  • Ease of use:  DECK Monitoring software has been optimized for ease of use. Intuitive tools and navigation make it easy to perform routine tasks. For users who do not require the robust tool set of PowerTrack, DECK Monitoring may be a perfect fit as a user-friendly software layer with all basic functionality of alarms, analytics, and reports.
  • DECK Monitoring comes standard with customizable “dashboard” displays for kiosks and other public-facing applications. DECK dashboards lead the industry for attractive layout and overall elegance of appearance, making this a well-suited solution for many projects in the commercial and education markets.

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Recommended For

PowerTrack is recommended for:

  • All project sizes:  utility scale, industrial, commercial, and residential
  • Any project that places a premium on highly accurate performance analysis
  • Projects that wish to add Workflow Suite tools
  • Clients who desire rate sheet calculations for analytics and/or PPA billing
  • Projects with SCADA requirements
  • Projects with third party software integration needs
  • Projects with integrated data from the built environment
  • Fleet deployment projects
  • Clients with extensive portfolio assets

DECK Monitoring is recommended for:

  • Project sizes:  industrial, commercial, and residential
  • Any project that places a premium on ease of use and intuitive tools for fundamental monitoring functionality
  • Projects for which free lobby display is a significant consideration