Effective data visualization is one of the primary benefits of PV monitoring software. Interactive graphs, charts, and tables can quickly reveal trends or discrepancies that would otherwise require intensive spreadsheet scrutiny to uncover. Our analytic tools are among the most frequently used features in our software.

Both our software products combine pre-set formulas for commonly used analytics, while also allowing users maximum freedom to create new analytic formulas to meet specific needs. Users can compare data points of their choosing in graph and table format. Data points may come from individual systems, or may be selected across multiple systems in the portfolio. Frequently used formulas can be saved in the software for immediate access.

While PowerTrack is optimized for robust analytics, DECK Monitoring places a premium on ease of use. The expanded PowerTrack toolkit includes panel-level visualizations in the form of string and zone maps personalized to your array.

Click on “PowerTrack” or “DECK Monitoring” below for a brief survey of key analytic features in each software product:

We work with our clients on every PowerTrack deployment to design a complete range of graphs to cover appropriate and requested data points and calculations. Users can easily adjust time frames, and even see year-over-year comparisons. The image at the left shows inverter generation overlaid with PowerTrack performance model benchmarks.

Because PowerTrack employs sophisticated performance modeling tools, there is a wide range of available data points and calculations for our graphing tools. Our engineers can work with you to develop custom graph displays for virtually any relevant metrics.

With PowerTrack performance modeling, our software is enabled to identify certain characteristic performance issue signatures, allowing for remote diagnosis of common problems. The image to the left shows the PowerTrack Soiling Detector.

The AlsoEnergy deployment team can work with you to develop a wide range of custom analytics displays to meet your project and portfolio needs. Common requests include string mapping, as shown at left.

The DECK Monitoring graphing tool provides a range of helpful data visualizations using appropriate and requested data points. Our deployment team will automatically populate commonly used graphs to match the available data points and calculations of each unique system. Other pre-set charts can be customized to fit your system needs.

The flexible global analytics tool in DECK Monitoring allows users to build graphs using data points of their choosing, both within systems and across the full portfolio. The image at the right shows the intuitive 3-panel selection tool where users may choose system, device, and node to populate any data point to the graph. DECK analytics even allows users to save frequently used graphs they generate for one-touch future access.