Community Solar Displays

Community Solar

Community Solar projects, sometimes called “solar gardens,” are a rapidly growing segment of the solar power marketplace. Community Solar involves one commercial sized array that provides shared access to solar power for multiple electricity customers. In this way, commercial and residential end users who are not able to install a rooftop array can connect with solar power resources.

Solar monitoring technology has been challenged to create meaningful displays and reports reflecting the complex mix of users and financial contracts in Community Solar projects. Generally speaking, monitoring applications are built to give customers access to data from a full site; not fractional allocations within a site. The problem is further complicated when one end user may be receiving power from several allocations, or when a single PPA reseller must manage multiple customer allocations.

AlsoEnergy has developed a product specifically designed to address this need in Community Solar projects: PowerPortal. PowerPortal is the first product created specifically to provide Community Solar customers with a direct link to real-time information about their energy investment.

  • End Users get access to production data and financial calculations for one or more allocations within Community Solar projects. End users see data for their own allocations only; they cannot access data for other allocations associated with the garden.
  • PPA Resellers can get access to individual allocations they manage, but they can also group multiple allocations in aggregated overview displays rather than looking at each allocation individually. (This is also true for end users who may have more than one allocation from the array.)
  • Asset Owners can see aggregated information for the full array as well as data for individual allocations.

PowerPortal generates highly accurate estimated savings data using  the same financial calculator that drives our flagship PowerTrack software (but on a per allocation basis). End users can see real-time financial calculations based on a client-defined cost of energy. PowerPortal can even accommodate varying time-of-use rate sheet calculations.

For PPA resellers and users with multiple allocations, PowerPortal can show complete balance sheets for grouped allocations. PowerPortal can even keep track of different contract start and end dates.

PowerPortal Displays for Community Solar

community solar 1

PowerPortal allows Community Solar end users to access real-time production data and financial calculations for one allocation (or a group of allocations) within community solar projects. End users see only their own allocations, and cannot access data for the other allocations associated with the garden. Private operating details for the array may be seen by asset owners only.


End users and PPA resellers with multiple allocations can access specific data for each individual allocation tied to their account. But these users are also able to see aggregated summaries for groups of allocations; there is no need to check each allocation individually and manually add values for portfolio oversight. (Note that allocations from separate arrays will need to be accessed individually.) Again, PowerPortal will not expose data for allocations that are not associated with the user account.

Asset owners will be able to see data for the full array (as well as having access to data for each allocation).

community solar 5

PowerPortal also provides sophisticated financial calculations, giving PPAs and end users a window into the health of their solar power investment. Powerful AlsoEnergy software can account for varying time-of-use rate sheet calculations, so users can see highly accurate calculations for estimated savings.


Versatile PowerPortal displays can even show complete balance sheets for single or grouped allocations, and can keep track of different contract start and end dates.


Owners and PPAs have the option to place their logo on all PowerPortal page displays, and also to customize with brand colors. Clients may use the entire top of each page for their own graphic elements… this allows you to match the header elements on your website, for example.

Overall, this gives our clients the ability to use PowerPortal as a white-labeled product offering for your customers, unified with your company branding. (PowerPortal may also be used by asset owners with fleet residential deployments.)

Asset owners using PowerPortal will have access to the full range of asset management tools available in the AlsoEnergy PowerTrack platform. This includes automated alerts and stakeholder reports as well as performance analytics. Clients may choose optional PowerTrack features such as invoicing, operations management, and more.


Whether you are looking at data for just one allocation, or aggregated data for multiple allocations, PowerPortal provides this intuitive graphic overview for your real-time data. Options include a data feed for streaming headlines and a 3-day weather forecast (where available).


For systems with available sunlight data, asset owners will be able to see actual performance charted against expected performance (adjusted for varying sunlight conditions). Clients may choose to share performance analysis data with end users.

On-site environmental sensors measure available sunlight. This data helps you determine whether or not your system is performing up to its potential in varying weather conditions. Performance analysis is not available for systems without available sunlight data.


PowerPortal displays include an “impact” tab to help users understand the scale of energy generated through their allocations. Users may select from various equivalency units and determine various sampling periods with this interactive feature.