Custom Displays/Reports

As you and your project partners collect more and more systems in your portfolios, you will need to create stakeholder reports and other documents to distribute system and portfolio data to all parties. PV Monitoring software from AlsoEnergy makes it easy to handle all your needs for data downloads and scheduled reports from a single platform.

Choose what displays to share with your project partners:  you can specify single sites or groups of sites to make available to new software users, and you can also choose which data and features each user can access.

Choose what data to share in your reports:  create custom report templates for one-time use, or set up reports for automated email distribution at the times you designate. Share the info you want to share, when you need it.

The AlsoEnergy development team will work with you to set up customized displays and/or reports to meet your ongoing needs for data sharing.

PowerTrack software is all about making it easier for all project stakeholders to conduct their daily business needs… get the info they want, share varied reports with a range of project partners, and always keep an eye on the bottom line. While the most technical users will spend more time with PowerTrack administrative tools, we can also help you create custom displays for all project partners with your company branding. This helps stakeholders of all types quickly get the information they need, and keeps everyone engaged with the project and with your company.

These versatile custom displays can include a huge range of real time and historical data visualizations, along with other features including interactive graphs, streaming content, and weather forecasts.

PowerTrack custom displays are also available for project stakeholders at the portfolio level. Portfolio permissions can nest in many levels, allowing you to create custom displays covering your full portfolio for company users, as well as limited portfolio overviews for your clients and partners engaged with multiple projects.

For many system owners, the return on your solar investment hinges greatly on getting accurate data and distributing that data to the proper parties. Our software enables a wide range of customer generated report functions to fit your business needs. Create automated or generated emails with the data and performance analytics that matter most for each project. Our intuitive reports include charts and spreadsheets, and are delivered straight to the email addresses you designate.

Give your customers assurance that their systems are functioning properly and delivering them the cost and carbon savings promised. Automated email reports can be configured to email customers PDF reports on a regular basis.

Report system production to your customers and invoice them for the power produced using manual and automated performance reports and invoicing tools. These features utilize user-defined energy cost or utility rate schedules, and can accommodate time-of-use and demand/demand reduction pricing.  Sub-metering and consumption invoicing is also available.

DECK Monitoring provides a wide range of tools to download data and generate reports. Raw data sets can be generated using the Download feature in the DECK Admin Panel. Users can also choose automated reports for distribution at user-defined dates. Reports are generated in either spreadsheet csv format, or in PDF format, as shown with this Baseline/Performance Summary Table. Reports are automatically compiled and sent to user-designated email recipients.

Automated PDF reports from DECK Monitoring reproduce graphs as generated in the Analytics section for that system’s Admin Panel interface. Each graph formulation that appears as a pre-set formula will generate in your PDF report covering user-defined periods with appropriate data granularity (i.e. annual graphs show monthly values, monthly graphs show daily values, etc).