Financial Tools

AlsoEnergy is dedicated to the promise of ongoing investment in renewable energy. Part of our mission as a PV monitoring provider is to promote this type of investment by making it easier for all project stakeholders to understand the dollars behind solar technology.

Both our software products translate revenue-grade generation data into financial data using customer-entered rates for energy value on each project. You can see these financial values in your software analytics, both for individual systems and for your full portfolio. Compare your sites by revenue, and use this data to plan future investments.

Of our 2 software products, PowerTrack offers the more sophisticated financial analytics (in part due to more accurate performance modeling tools). Beyond that, PowerTrack offers several optional financial analytic tools, including ability to track itemized costs related to system maintenance and downtime (part of the Workflow Feature Suite). PowerTrack also offers optional invoicing tools for PPAs that include time-of-use calculations. This feature is so sophisticated and unique that our CTO Holden Caine actually sought and won a patent for our system to integrate billing information from alternative energy sources with traditional energy sources (US Patent No. 8,214,270).

PowerTrack is committed to help renewable energy investors make sense of solar PV performance data. PowerTrack helps you understand the exact economic performance of your PV investment with financial data displays that can account for rate schedule calculations. Combined with our highly accurate performance modeling, there is no better way to put real dollars and cents on your PV performance analysis.

PowerTrack custom displays can overlay site and portfolio financial data with a wide range of additional analytics and data visualizations. Use these custom displays to share performance data with all types of partners and stakeholders in a format that is easy to understand.

Choose the PowerTrack Workflow Suite to enable even more financial tools, including sophisticated cost tracking that accounts for labor and expenses as well as lost revenue from performance related issues. Use this data to make informed system service decisions over the lifetime of your investment.

For many system owners, the return on your solar investment hinges greatly on getting accurate data and distributing that data to the proper parties. Our software enables a wide range of customer generated report functions to fit your business needs. Schedule automated email reports to give your customers assurance their systems are functioning properly. PPAs can bill their customers using our sophisticated invoicing tool, which can accommodate time-of-use rate schedules.

DECK Monitoring supports financial analysis using a user-defined flat rate for electricity value. Users who are looking for more robust financial analytics are encouraged to utilize the PowerTrack software platform.