Hardware Solutions

At AlsoEnergy we understand that even with the best software, if you have unreliable hardware, you may not be maximizing the return on your renewable energy investment. That’s why we developed high quality hardware solutions to compliment our PV monitoring software solutions.

We aim to give our customers maximum flexibility to accommodate varied projects with AlsoEnergy monitoring. That’s why we remain committed to a ‘hardware agnostic’ business model. We are continually developing compatibility with new hardware devices and new device drivers in the PV monitoring marketplace. No other monitoring provider gives you so much versatility to work with a wide range of devices from leading hardware manufacturers.

Our cost effective hardware options are competitively priced. When you source monitoring hardware with AlsoEnergy, you get the benefits of our extensive support resources for installation, troubleshooting, and warranty claims. This makes it easier for our team to provide complete system support over the life of your monitoring service contract.

Hardware Options Designed Specifically for Your Site

NEMA 4 Outdoor Enclosure – a weather-proof housing for your datalogger, revenue grade meter and/or weather station. You receive the enclosure pre-assembled with your hardware to streamline installation and data collection.

Datalogger – our software loaded onto commercial hardware so you can upload raw data in real-time. It connects with meters, inverters, weather stations, and other devices to provide complete information about your system’s performance.

Revenue Grade Production Meter – this meter provides the high level of accuracy required by many energy agencies. Dedicated alerts can reveal discrepancies between meter and inverter readings, ensuring data reliability and profit maximization.

Weather Stations –  designed for your needs, our high quality weather stations can accommodate any solar or wind metric requirements. We offer reliable weather station instruments including: anemometers, pyranometers, and sensors for ambient and cell temperature. Basic and high performance instruments are available. Weather stations can fit into the main monitoring communications enclosure or have their own dedicated enclosure.