Mobile Apps

PowerTrack Mobile from AlsoEnergy enables you to check your system and portfolio status on-the-go, and it is ideal for workers on site.

The PowerTrack Mobile app provide access to top-level KPIs for your monitored sites, but it also allows users to quickly drill down into technical data in order to locate and diagnosis system issues. In most cases, these apps make it possible to work with our technology systems on site without bringing a laptop computer.

AlsoEnergy offers mobile apps for the following devices:

iPhone: appstore-lrg-25178aeef6eb6b83b96f5f2d004eda3bffbb37122de64afbaef7107b384a4132
Android Devices: google-play-badge


Users who cannot access our Mobile App in the App Store (including clients in China) may use the following links to directly download our app as an APK file:


 MOB17 Our PV monitoring mobile app supports these functions:

  • See generation data in real time for sites and portfolio
  • Access production and performance analytics for sites and portfolio
  • View hardware device status
  • View alert status
  • Access live camera feed (if applicable)
  • Password protected

PV monitoring data from sites on the historical DECK Monitoring platform is not available on most mobile devices.

However, the latest generation of the DECK application is built in HTML5, making it available on all web connected devices! Systems on the latest generation DECK platform will not need to utilize our mobile app… you will be able to see all native application displays on any mobile device.