Operations Module

The optional Operations Module from AlsoEnergy delivers two great benefits:

  • You get better organization for O&M activities with a variety of job ticketing features.
  • Plus you get comprehensive accounting tools to record all O&M costs, along with sophisticated calculations for lost revenue from production impact events.

The customizable job ticketing feature gives you complete freedom to define workflow organization that meets your needs. Automated notifications promote better communication and accountability in your O&M activities, helping you fix problems sooner and lower costs.

Having these tools directly integrated with your PV monitoring platform saves time and money in other ways, too. For example, complete information about production losses and O&M activities can be included in your stakeholder reports with just a few clicks.

Over time you will compile a comprehensive “Carfax”-style history for every production impact event and maintenance visit at each site, complete with notes, itemized expenses, and revenue losses. This delivers the value of better records, so you can make more informed O&M decisions for each site, and across your portfolio.

Users can create job order tickets in response to a triggered alert (as shown at left), or users can manually create tickets for work orders or scheduled maintenance.

Use the ticket creation dialog box to set due dates, grace periods, and priority levels for your tickets, then assign them to the appropriate users.

As your ticket progresses toward completion, you will receive automated updates so you can manage the workflow. Ticket status can be moved to “pending” when you are waiting on delivery of a part, results of a site visit, etc. You can even create customized workflows where your job may require work or approval from a large number of stakeholders and contractors.

Each time that a user completes a task in the workflow, automated alerts go out to ticket managers, along with the user responsible for the next task in the workflow.

Work order tickets allow you to add line item costs to your ticket as the job progresses. Use categories to itemized costs for travel, hardware, labor, and more.

There are many reasons why a system may experience production loss, ranging from scheduled maintenance to unexpected system failures. Users can account accurate and complete records of lost revenue for all these events by creating Production Impact tickets.

Production Impact tickets may be created when you close a job order ticket, or you can create independent Production Impact tickets. Account for costs related to labor, parts, etc, as well as accurate calculations of lost revenue due to diminished production.

It’s easy to check status of open tickets and review all sorts of ticket data in PowerTrack software. Data related to all types of tickets may be reviewed in a wide variety of displays. Sort tickets by status, date, cost, location, assigned user, etc.

It’s also easy to share Operations Module data with all project stakeholders. Your ticket data can be included in your scheduled reports to stakeholders, or generate new reports dedicated to data from all tickets associated with your systems.

Operations Module tools are not available in the DECK Monitoring interface.