Performance Modeling

Effective PV performance evaluation demands accurate performance modeling. AlsoEnergy has prioritized performance modeling in our software platforms. You may choose from a variety of performance modeling options, ranging from monthly production targets for smaller systems up to complex systems with multiple models for different areas in the array. Systems that include local irradiance data sources will be able to incorporate performance models to calculate real-time baseline values that account for available sunlight.

AlsoEnergy software accommodates uploaded customer models, including PVsyst models. You can even upload multiple inverter modules where various device sizes and models are in use on a single project. Or use the AlsoEnergy performance model generator, which accounts for a huge range of variable factors to create a custom model for your system.

As an added service, AlsoEnergy engineers can perform one-time fine tuning for your performance models to verify against reporting data. Our engineers can also conduct ongoing evaluations of a system’s baseline calculations. Over time, this persistent commissioning can account for variable factors such as weather patterns and hardware decline to maintain the highest possible degree of accuracy in your performance models.

PowerTrack software is able to consider a comprehensive range of metrics from your planned system when creating performance models. This includes device benchmark data, mounting and tracking specs, and monthly derate factors. PowerTrack can also accommodate multiple performance model modules including PVsys, inverter, and shading. And your performance model can be fine-tuned over time using system data, allowing for the most accurate modeling over the life of the system.

Performance Model data works with your on-site atmospheric sensors to calculate real-time performance baselines in your PowerTrack analytics. PowerTrack is an industry-leading product for high accuracy performance model generation and support.

PowerTrack can use your personalized performance model data to create a Performance Ratio for each site. Your performance ratio provides a snapshot view of your highly accurate performance model data over any given period of time. Your Performance Ratio can be visualized in a number of helpful PowerTrack analytics.

PowerTrack users who seek advanced performance analysis can enable 3-D Performance Ratio graphing to visualize highly detailed site performance information.

PowerTrack can utilize a wide range of data to commission your performance modeling and fine-tune the model over time. One example is the PowerTrack-generated shading model shown here.

The current version of DECK Monitoring software operates on the same database as PowerTrack… this enables you to utilize the sophisticated performance modeling tools in the PowerTrack database.

We generally recommend that users interested in high accuracy performance modeling use the full range of tools in the PowerTrack platform. But some users may choose to also make modeling data available in the DECK platform for the benefit of non-technical stakeholders and others who prefer the clean and crisp DECK Monitoring interface.

DECK Monitoring can utilize user-defined performance benchmarks to generate a Performance Index value (for every site with available irradiance data). Users can see and sort Performance Index data for their full portfolio in the Performance Index table shown here.