Virtual Weather


AlsoEnergy is proud to introduce the industry’s most accurate virtual weather data stream,
including localized available irradiance data as well as 5-day predicted power forecasts. Solar
industry professionals now have access to the same breakthrough technology already being used
by industrial utilities, agriculture, and transportation industries. AlsoEnergy has developed these
new features in partnership with Global Weather Corporation (GWC), providers of the most
accurate weather forecasts in the commercial marketplace.

AlsoEnergy is integrating this virtual weather data into both lines of solar monitoring software,
PowerTrack and DECK Monitoring. AlsoEnergy customers with current version software will
receive a free real-time data feed showing localized irradiance, ambient temperature, and module
temperature (free service will not integrate virtual weather data into power analysis software tools).

Users may also choose to add one or both optional SolarSight packages, which add precipitation
to the data stream. More importantly, the SolarSight packages integrate virtual
weather data with analytic suite software tools, giving you all the same functionality you would
expect from an on-site weather station.

SolarSight Log


Adding SolarSight Log provides access to historical localized weather data (in hourly granularity) along with integrating weather data into analytic tools in the application. This package offers users all the same functionality you would expect from an on-site weather station.

With full integration for both historical and real-time weather data, you will be able to see real-time production baseline calculations, and analyze historical performance in your system. Some users may find this to be an acceptable replacement for on-site weather stations.

SolarSight Log is available for AlsoEnergy customers with an annual subscription plan.


GWC provides this high accuracy weather forecast feature using DICast®, one of the world’s most effective core weather forecasting technologies. Developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), DICast software surveys a variety of weather models, statistical data, and observations to produce a point-based weather forecast. Forecasts from GWC are updated hourly, so this service can stay on top of developing weather patterns.

A year-long 2014 evaluation by ForecastWatch reported that forecasts provided by Global Weather Corporation had the lowest error for all days-out ranges in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific, using a metric of daily high temperature (

“Like a human meteorologist, our technology continues to learn, constantly validating our forecasts against public and private weather station observations” said Dr. Bill Gail, GWC’s chief technology officer and former president of the American Meteorological Society. “This capability, combined with our continued investment in R&D and persistent focus on automation, allows us to deliver the most accurate hourly weather forecasts at any location.”


ForecastWatch table showing GWC #1 accuracy ranking relative to competing forecasts in the U.S. market.