Q1 2018 PV Newsletter


Q1 2018 PV Newsletter

The Annual AlsoEnergy Corporate Review and Roadmap


In this newsletter:

  • The Annual AlsoEnergy Corporate Review and Roadmap
  • Software-Only Solutions for Portfolio Aggregations
  • Introducing Two New PV Analytics Features in PowerTrack
  • New PowerTrack Training Videos

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The Annual AlsoEnergy Corporate Review and Roadmap


2017 was another big year of growth and innovation at AlsoEnergy. According to GTM Research, AlsoEnergy retained the ranking of #1 solar monitoring provider in the US commercial and industrial market segments, and we rose to the fourth spot overall among providers in the domestic utility-scale segment. This was the fourth straight year that AlsoEnergy has been the top ranked independent software vendor in the US commercial market.

AlsoEnergy continues to believe that economics will drive growing adoption of renewable energy in the coming years. As such, we plan for continued investment in company growth and product development. We will maintain our focus on commercial and utility-scale markets, and we will continue to grow our presence in international markets in 2018.

Increased consolidation in the market is creating new challenges for our clients, who must manage expanding portfolios while regulating costs for labor and operations. We are helping our clients meet these challenges with initiatives across the following areas of focus:

Continued expansion of product and service offerings:

One particular area of focus this year will be advancing our software-only solutions for Portfolio Aggregations, providing opportunities to consolidate data from legacy assets in PowerTrack. We continue to expand our catalog to help our clients accommodate increasingly diversified portfolios. This enables our clients to reduce costs and streamline operations by working with a single technology provider.

Increase flexibility to integrate AlsoEnergy platform with third party software:

In 2017 AlsoEnergy saw increasing demand to integrate our platform with client office software systems. In 2018 we will continue efforts to ensure that our software is compatible for integration with leading platforms for asset management, CMMS, and ERP, empowering our clients to achieve greater workplace efficiency.

Investment in training and education:

One special area of focus for AlsoEnergy in 2018 will be investment in software training, education, and support. Clients with increasingly large and diverse fleets want to know how best to manage and utilize all that data; we are developing new ways to help our clients leverage AlsoEnergy expertise to develop best practices and efficient workflows, and we are expanding our onboarding process for new clients.

Advance utility for software users:

We are working to advance utility of our software by helping clients master new software tools for system optimization. Advanced Site Configuration Services accelerate the performance validation process in newly commissioned systems. Rule Tool automated site validations can improve quality of alerts, reducing noise and prioritizing actionable insights.

More development in PowerTrack Web:

In 2018 we will continue to expand functionality in PowerTrack Web, so more and more clients can make this their default operating platform. With fast response times and a clean modern design, PowerTrack Web is the most convenient and intuitive application in the PowerTrack product family.

2017 was also our busiest year ever developing new products and services. In the list of items that follows, you may click on any active link to read the original newsletter post:

New PowerTrack Software Development in 2017:

  • PowerTrack Web
  • New PowerTrack Mobile App
  • Rule Tool Site Validation Feature
  • Support for Huawei Smart I-V Curve Analysis

New Products for Utility Scale PV in 2017:

  • PowerRIG

New Customer Services in 2017:

  • Advanced Site Configuration
  • 7-Day Support
  • Customer Sales Order Information Portal

New Hardware in 2017:

  • SCADA and curtailment control: PowerManager 2000 and PowerServer 3000


With all these new developments in 2017, AlsoEnergy again found it necessary to move to a larger office space. Our new corporate headquarters is over 15,000 square feet and includes a great view of Boulder. We invite you to pay us a visit if you are ever near Boulder, Colorado!


Robert Schaefer, CEO, AlsoEnergy


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Software-Only Solutions to Aggregate Existing Fleet Assets

Portfolio Aggregations


AlsoEnergy has an acclaimed reputation in the solar power industry for our turnkey integrated technology solutions. These solutions are package deals, providing access to software and services along with DAS or SCADA hardware systems that are fully assembled and configured.

But did you know that AlsoEnergy works with existing site hardware for portfolio aggregations?

AlsoEnergy is an ideal partner for portfolio aggregation projects. Our team has extensive experience with asset migration. We have successfully aggregated multi-MW portfolios to our PowerTrack software platform with little or no need for additional hardware or site visits.

Aggregation clients get a full range of tools for success: all the features of our PowerTrack software platform, along with access to industry-leading support and pro services, including onboarding and training.

Here are the top four reasons to consider the AlsoEnergy solution:

  1. We offer a truly technology-agnostic solution.

The AlsoEnergy solution will work with your existing site hardware. Our broad experience gives us the expertise to integrate diverse energy assets. We have successfully migrated hundreds of megawatts of PV assets from a wide variety of leading platforms. We accept data from thousands of leading devices and manufacturers.

Our platform supports seamless integrations with third party software, including various leading CMMS providers, utility systems integrations like OSI PI, Salesforce, and other back-office tools and applications.

  1. We deliver a complete, fully supported platform for fleet management and operational oversight.

Our solution drives operational efficiency while increasing portfolio yield with tools for:

  • Performance Analytics – Our years of industry experience have yielded mature, fully functional features for performance analysis. We offer experienced and responsive in-house services to create performance models, configure displays and reports, and provide onboarding and software training.
  • Asset Management and CMMS – Utilize features in the AlsoEnergy PowerTrack platform, integrate with an enterprise level third-party platform, or we can perform custom integrations with your existing software systems.
  • Field Operations – The PowerTrack Mobile application enables full real-time integration for field operations, seamlessly integrating with the PowerTrack platform and full canvas video wall solutions.
  • Automated Reports – Get automated reports tailored for each stakeholder.
  • Software designed for user autonomy – Our product empowers users to create custom charts and reports, driving operational efficiency.
  • We will be there for your future needs – Our company provides industry leading support. We have a large in-house development team, ensuring responsiveness in a growing marketplace.
  1. We are industry leaders for responsive, expert support and services to ensure your success with our software platform.

AlsoEnergy has built a terrific reputation for responsive, experienced support and professional services.

  • You will receive exclusive in-house support: based in AlsoEnergy’s Colorado headquarters, available 7 days a week.
  • Our professional services for training, development, and dedicated support are engaged, proactive, and impactful.
  • We are committed to honest communication and issue resolution with our clients.

These services are essential to your success with any software platform, and nobody does it better than AlsoEnergy:

  • We configure your online displays, internal reports, and stakeholder reports.
  • We can integrate PowerTrack with your third party platforms and applications.
  • We provide thorough onboarding and software training.
  • We provide migration project management.
  • We provide industry-leading AlsoEnergy Support Services with option for Dedicated Support.
  • We offer ongoing services and proactive oversight throughout project lifecycle.

Our experienced and professional team will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to our platform, and successful ongoing use of our software.

  1. AlsoEnergy is a trusted, secure, and bankable partner.

AlsoEnergy is a profitable and growing company. Our clients include leading investors, developers, asset owners and managers, and O&M providers.

AlsoEnergy has been ranked by GTM Research as the number one software provider for solar monitoring in the US commercial market for four years running.


email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information about portfolio aggregations from AlsoEnergy.


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Introducing Two New PV Analytics Features Available in PowerTrack Web & PowerTrack Desktop

New Features

AlsoEnergy is always working to expand functionality in our PowerTrack software platform by adding new features that our clients request. This article describes two new features for PV analytics that have recently been added to the PowerTrack Web and PowerTrack Desktop platforms.

Analyzer Tool for On-Demand Graphic Analysis

AlsoEnergy has just released our most powerful and intuitive tool for interactive site analysis. The new Analyzer Tool gives users multiple options to build custom displays for any combination of data points within a system. The linear layout is easy to use, giving users an intuitive “report wizard” experience.


There are three unique tools in the Analyzer feature:  the KPI Query Builder, Standard Queries, and Custom Queries.

The first option, the KPI Query Builder, is entirely new. Beginning at the left, users can select any combination of devices from the system along with a comprehensive list of available measurements (AC current & voltage, DC current & voltage, power, irradiance, etc). Moving to the right, users may next choose to include calculations (availability, expected power, etc), along with adjusted loss calculations (snow, soiling, etc). On the right side, users can choose the granularity of the data:  aggregated site data, data for user-defined zone groupings, or device level data. Finally, users can choose how to format the data (bar graph, line graph, pie chart, or heat map).

The second option, standard queries, is a historical PowerTrack feature allowing users to quickly access built-in system calculations, such as energy ratio and yield. But the new standard query builder utilizes the left-to-right format for a quick and intuitive user experience.

The last option, Custom Queries, is identical to the historical Custom Queries tool in PowerTrack, but now found in the Analyzer tool section.


We have a training video for these new features in the Analyzer tool: https://youtu.be/3zrU0mXb2uc

PV Hierarchy Displays

AlsoEnergy continues to refine our solution for large and complex systems, including utility scale and large string inverter projects. Recently we have made further refinements to PV Hierarchy display functionality in PowerTrack.

PV Hierarchy displays are a helpful tool for drilling down into granular system data. This feature displays complex granular data with a variety of visualization tools to help users quickly identify underperforming strings and offline inverters. This helpful tool can save time and money during system commissioning, and offers many useful applications over the lifecycle of maintenance and oversight.

The following series shows PV Hierarchy displays drilling down starting at site level, progressing to zone level, and ending with string level.



(Screen grabs shown here taken from PowerTrack Web platform.)

If you would like training on these new PowerTrack features, the process is easy and free to all AlsoEnergy customers. We encourage you to leverage this resource! To book a demo or a live training session, use this link below to do so instantly online: https://alsoenergytraining.setmore.com/

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Here are our Latest Training Videos for PowerTrack Software Products


AlsoEnergy is constantly adding to our library of Training Videos. These videos are designed to share our software training program in short-form video format, and also to offer education for our product catalog and guidance for sales and support. These videos allow users to engage with AlsoEnergy training any time it may be convenient, and the video format allows users to pause, rewind, and re-watch, so they can digest the content at their own pace. All videos are posted on the AlsoEnergy YouTube Channel to enable convenient access for clients and prospective clients alike.

We have four featured videos in our latest batch of releases:

  • New PV Analytics Features in the PowerTrack Analyzer Tool
  • What is needed from clients to complete Advanced Site Configuration Services?
  • Guide to using SCADA supervisory dashboards in PowerTrack
  • Why does my site say “Not AlsoEnergy Certified”?


Click on any of the titles below to access our latest training videos:

New Analyzer Features

How To Complete Advanced
Site Configurations

SCADA Controls in PowerTrack

Why Does My Site Say
“Not AlsoEnergy Certified”?


PowerTrack Training Videos are also available in the Help section of the PowerTrack application.