Q2 2017 PV Newsletter


Q2 2017 PV Newsletter

Client Success Story:  SCADA and Remote Supervisory Control for Hawaii Power Plant


In this newsletter:

  • Client Success Story: SCADA and Remote Supervisory Control for Hawaii Power Plant
  • CSOI: A New Resource for AlsoEnergy Customers
  • More Choices for Utility-Scale Hardware Solutions:  PowerManager 2000 and PowerServer 3000
  • AlsoEnergy Summer Trade Show Schedule


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Client Success Story:  SCADA and Remote Supervisory Control for Hawaii Power Plant


This newsletter case study profiles a Utility PV SCADA system designed and deployed by AlsoEnergy for a newly completed solar power plant located in Hawaii.

This project required sophisticated grid-support functionality, including remote supervisory communications for island grid operator Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO). Requirements involved closed loop high speed voltage control, curtailment control, and ramp rate control. AlsoEnergy designed the PV SCADA system to provide a 2 second closed loop voltage response by adjusting the plant’s reactive power output to meet the HECO voltage setpoint at the Point of Interconnection.

AlsoEnergy’s PowerTrack software solution offered HECO PV SCADA functionality, and provides SCADA system analytics such as power fluctuation rate analysis. The intuitive PV SCADA system interface is conveniently found in the PowerTrack software platform, which may be accessed remotely or at local real-time HMI workstations. PowerTrack also provides features for PV performance oversight and asset management.

AlsoEnergy designed and deployed the complete turnkey solution that bundles PowerTrack software with a fully integrated hardware system and a range of professional services including engineering and installation oversight. The fully integrated system utilizes the PowerManager 2000 SCADA Server to provide a local SCADA gateway solution. This system integrates with a Schweitzer Real Time Automation Controller which was configured by AlsoEnergy to provide control functionality, data concentration, and a HECO DNP3 communications interface.

AlsoEnergy supported successful site acceptance testing from HECO headquarters office, demonstrating remote voltage, curtailment and ramp setpoint changes.

The solar energy system, known as the Aloha Solar Project, is a 6.2 MWDC ground-mounted solar installation in Waiʻanae, Hawaiʻi, on the west side of Oʻahu. It will sell energy to Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) for 20 years under the Tier 3 Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.

The Aloha Solar Project is owned and operated by Altus Power America. The project will generate over 10,000 megawatt hours of electricity during the first year of operation. It is expected to generate more than 10 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy annually, enough to power more than 1,000 Oʻahu homes with electricity.


About Altus Power America

Altus Power America, Inc. is a Greenwich, Conn. based company that invests in, owns and operates clean energy projects that provide renewable energy and solar savings to commercial and public sector clients.  Visit www.altuspower.com to learn more.


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Introducing the Customer Sales Order Information Portal


AlsoEnergy is releasing a new self-service feature for our clients this fall:  introducing the Customer Sales Order Information portal (CSOI).

We know you live in an on-demand world.  The CSOI portal enables AlsoEnergy clients to directly interact with our sales, production, accounting and support teams via a secure, web based login. For example, clients can directly upload critical details about their projects as well as necessary information for optional services. This helps our team deliver quick and efficient services, so clients enjoy low lead times helping them make their project deadlines.  Accurate information is available at any time, from most web browsers.

One main feature is that the CSOI portal offers clients greater visibility into the order fulfillment process at AlsoEnergy. This feature enables users to:

  • View active sales orders
  • View invoices
  • Check on shipping status and view shipper tracking information
  • Check on progress for RMA transactions
  • View status on open support tickets
  • Start, update, and close support tickets


The CSOI portal is also a convenient way for clients to log in and quickly complete forms to expedite order fulfilment. Client information forms in the CSOI portal include:

  • Ship to addresses for outbound orders
  • Necessary information for client-supplied hardware
  • Optional agency reporting services
  • Optional commissioning oversight services
  • Optional PPA invoicing services


The CSOI portal is a convenient resource for AlsoEnergy clients. Clients receive access to the CSOI portal as soon as your Account Executive processes a Sales Order. An email from the AlsoEnergy Project Manager will include a link to the CSOI portal for that project. The intuitive CSOI interface is easy to work with, and it is an important tool to ensure fast and efficient order processing from the AlsoEnergy team.


Customers placing purchase orders with AlsoEnergy will soon be receiving links to the CSOI portal in purchase order confirmation emails from their AlsoEnergy project managers. Existing PowerTrack users will receive a separate email soon with details about how to use the CSOI portal to manage support tickets.


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More Choices for Utility-Scale Hardware Solutions: PowerManager 2000 and PowerLogger 3000

Utility grade SCADA server solutions from AlsoEnergy provide an end-to-end, cost-effective, and reliable solution for data acquisition, grid integration, and power plant control for PowerTrack users. The PowerManager 2000 and PowerServer 3000 combine proven third party hardware with AlsoEnergy’s SCADA server software solution, providing high-speed data acquisition, closed loop control, local real-time HMI, and automated site configuration via PowerTrack. The PowerManager 2000 or PowerServer 3000 can also be utilized to provide data acquisition overlay for existing SCADA systems, enabling PowerTrack control room solutions.

The PowerManager 2000 is ideal for utility-scale PV projects with an unmanned operational paradigm (typically 5–45MW). This device is mounted in a weatherproof enclosure, and is intended for use with the AlsoEnergy cloud server system via a cell modem.

The PowerServer 3000 may be utilized for utility scale PV projects of any size. This solution supports the AlsoEnergy historian local data server, making it ideal for stand-alone systems, such as military sites. The PowerServer 3000 requires an indoor environment.

PowerManager 2000 and PowerServer 3000 Capabilities:

  • Full PV SCADA functionality including high speed voltage control, curtailment control, and ramp rate control
  • Closed-loop control functions such as zero-net export control and fixed power factor operation
  • Utility telemetry solutions including DNP3, Modbus, or OSI PI interfaces; and CAISO-compliant RIG telemetry
  • Local or remote real-time HMI
  • Seamless integration with Schweitzer Real-Time Automation Controller based power plant controller
  • User-adjustable sampling rates down to one second


Integration with PowerTrack Software:

  • Intuitive solar-specific SCADA system interface including local real-time HMI
  • PowerManager 2000 is designed for use with our cloud-based software
  • PowerServer 3000 is designed for use with our cloud-based software and optionally supports a standalone PowerTrack local historian
  • Use PowerTrack software to increase yield, reduce maintenance costs, and save time and money on asset management workload


The PowerManager 2000 is mounted in a NEMA4 enclosure, whereas the PowerServer 3000 is mounted into a 19” rack for indoor environments. Both packages may include additional components, mounted and wired into enclosures where applicable and shipped to your jobsite as a tested, turnkey solution. AlsoEnergy hardware solutions are carefully designed, extensively tested, listed to UL standards, and come with our standard 5-year warranty.

To see a data sheet for AlsoEnergy SCADA servers, click here.


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See AlsoEnergy at Summer Trade Shows

AlsoEnergy Tradeshows

AlsoEnergy will exhibit at Intersolar North America 2017, July 11-13 in San Francisco. See us in booth #9333 (Third Level Moscone West).