Power Plant Controller Solutions

Power Plant Controllers and SCADA Functionality

Whether you want a stand-alone Power Plant Controller solution, or a fully integrated SCADA-plus-monitoring package, AlsoEnergy will create a custom engineered solution to meet your needs. Every AlsoEnergy control solution is engineered, deployed, and supported by our dedicated team of solar power experts. We have successfully deployed Power Plant Controllers for a wide variety of solar power projects, ranging from rooftop systems with “zero export” requirements up to solar power plants with complex demands for high speed power ramping and curtailment.

Benefits of AlsoEnergy Control Solutions:

  • AlsoEnergy Power Plant Controller solutions allow users to access control system data through the PowerTrack interface, with no need for cumbersome VPN logins.
  • Unlike many SCADA GUIs, our software is easy to use and fully customized for your site.
  • The software interface for the AlsoEnergy Power Plant Controller has been created specifically for quick analysis of solar PV systems.
  • For sites connected to the web, AlsoEnergy control solutions provide the additional convenience of access to control system data from any computer or mobile device.
  • The PowerTrack feature set enables users to remotely supervise a full portfolio of SCADA system assets.
  • Maintenance, support, and upgrades for the system may also be completed remotely.


We can also integrate our industry-leading monitoring platform with third party or utility control systems, giving users the advantages of our enterprise-level software solution for remote asset management of a full portfolio.

Plan Your Control Solution

Control Solutions Engineered by Solar Power Experts

We work with our clients to understand regulatory requirements and design control solutions to meet specific needs.

Some key factors to consider:

  • What control / curtailment functionalities are required?
  • What data granularity / sampling frequency is required?
  • Will the control system need to interface with the utility?
  • Do you need an on-site HMI?


AlsoEnergy has made a long-term commitment to meet the needs of utility-scale PV clients:

  • Our monitoring and control solutions integrate with third party software you may already use, including OSI PI.
  • Communications between sites and utility SCADA systems, regulatory agencies, and other bodies often needs to be secured; we have deployed solutions that secure these critical links over standard copper Ethernet, cellular, and radio links.
  • AlsoEnergy can help you meet all your project requirements, including NERC CIP compliance.

AlsoEnergy’s Powertrack platform has allowed ConEdison Solutions to gain crucial insight into asset health and to optimize our nationwide fleet of solar plants.

Steve Ondishin
Manager, Renewable Assets & Project Development
ConEdison Solutions