Power Plant Controller

PV SCADA system 1

Power Plant Controller solutions from AlsoEnergy are engineered specifically for solar PV systems. These solutions offer full SCADA functionality plus seamless integration with our industry-leading solar monitoring software.

The AlsoEnergy Power Plant Controller enables a large range of control variables including Power Curtailment, Ramp Rate, and Power Factor. You can access the control system interface in your AlsoEnergy software platform, either from an on-site workstation, or remotely.

Standard SCADA from AlsoEnergy goes beyond our standard DAS package with the a variety of control features including:

  • 1 minute data
  • Greater Security Requirements: VPN
  • Controls: 1 second latency
  • Remote disconnect / reconnect
  • Curtailment
  • Power Ramping
  • Power Factor Correction

Intuitive SCADA Interfaces Customized for Each Site

Whether you want a stand-alone Power Plant Controller solution, or a fully integrated SCADA-plus-monitoring package, our systems operate using a real-time, bidirectional link between AlsoEnergy software and the Power Plant Controller.

  • This means that SCADA system data may be accessed through the user’s PowerTrack interface, with no need for cumbersome VPN logins.
  • SCADA system technicians will be able to use the intuitive control features at on-site workstations, or remotely (in cases where web transmission is enabled).

Unlike many SCADA GUIs, our software is easy to use and custom engineered for your site. It has been created specifically for quick analysis of solar PV systems.

  • Users are able to create intuitive “dashboard” data displays for the control system.
  • These dashboards can be personalized to the data access needs of all project stakeholders, and automated reports may be scheduled for all project partners based on each of these displays.

The PowerTrack feature set enables users to remotely supervise a full portfolio of SCADA system assets.

  • For sites connected to the web, AlsoEnergy control solutions provide the additional convenience of access to control system data from any computer or mobile device.
  • Maintenance, support,and upgrades for the system may also be completed remotely.

SCADA dashboards include a customized map of each site showing the status for each inverter pad.

The local Substation Status dashboard is a convenient overview for all RTAC status bits.

The Substation Control dashboard Shows the status and allows the user to open or close any of the circuit breakers.

The Transformer dashboard shows the status of the substation transformer along with meter data.

The Communication Status dashboard is a helpful real-time overview of the web communication status for each reporting node in the SCADA system. This allows users to quickly identify communication issues any time there is need to troubleshoot the system.

The local Inverter Control dashboard allows the user to view status for each individual inverter, and to start and stop them.

The local Power Plant Control dashboard is a convenient overview showing set points and real-time data for the complete system.

Integrating a SCADA system with the PowerTrack monitoring platform enables users to chart SCADA system data (such as set points) within the PowerTrack analytics suite, alongside reporting data from meters, weather station, etc.

Users may set up automated reports to share data from the SCADA system. Create multiple reports customized for each group of project partners and stakeholders. Reports are emailed to designated recipients as PDF files following a user-specified schedule.